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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Payment Page


FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) - Budo Dojo On-Line Payment System



How to find the On-Line Payment Page

The Budo Dojo On-Line payment page is under the Fees and Policies menu tab.  You can go directly to his page by clicking on this link.


New Dojo Members Registering

New dojo members need to select both Budo Dojo Monthly Membership and Annual ASU Membership (Whitebelt) to fully register as new students.  Also, remember to complete the Registration / Liability Waiver form.


Payment Options (Current)

The Budo Dojo website now provides an On-Line payment page allowing new or current students to pay for various services including;

  • Budo Dojo Monthly Membership: This covers the recurring $95 monthly dojo membership.  It must be set up as recurring monthly.

  • Annual ASU Membership (Whitebelt): This covers ASU association membership which includes certificates and testing accreditation through ASU for mudansh (whitebelts).  This may be set up as a single one-time payment or recurring annually. I recommend if this is the first time you're setting it up and it's not January... make it one-time, and then next January set it up for annual recurring.

  • Annual ASU Membership (Blackbelt): This covers ASU association membership which includes certificates and testing accreditation through ASU for yudansha (blackbelts).  This may be set up as a single one-time payment or recurrning annually.  I recommend if this is the first time you're setting it up and it's not January... make it one-time, and then next January set it up for annual recurring.

  • Drop-in Mat Fee: Aikido students visiting from other dojos may choose to pay a drop-in fee for training in a single class.  You can select a quantity greater than 1 if you'll be visiting for more than a day.

  • Past Months Dues: For students who may need or want to pay for dojo membership for months in the past resulting from delays in getting our On-line payment solution up and running during this busy start-up period.

  • Budo Dojo Donations: Voluntary financial donations help offset the expenses of running the dojo, especially during this startup period of higher-than-normal expenses with lower-than-normal membership support.


Payment Options (Future)

We expect to add some additional payment options in the near future including;

  • Mudansh (whitebelt grades) Testing: Fees to cover testing and certification.  If you are preparing to test in the near future you will need to make this payment prior to your test date.

  • Seminar Payments: Pay on-line for seminars with visiting instructors.  If you plan to attend an up-coming seminar that we are hosting you can pay for it ahead of time and skip the registration desk.


New Widget Icons in Website's Header

In addition to Payment Options now appearing on the Fees and Policies page there are 2 new related widgets you may notice on the site; Shopping Cart and Log In.

  1. Shopping Cart: This icon widget tells you if you have items in the shopping cart, the number of items, and it will take you to the Shopping Cart page for checkout.  It’s easy to overlook.

  2. Log in: This icon widget allows you to log into the site as a member.  Logging in is useful for payments as well as access to member forums, blogs and other features we’ll outline below.  Once you’ve logged in the head icon will change to your profile picture if you’ve uploaded one while creating your profile.  The bell icon takes you to your profile page and show notifications.  The drop-down arrow takes you to a specific menu option of your profile page.


Member Profile Page

You’ll be prompted to create a Member Profile the first time you set up your monthly payments.  The Member Profile Page has several tabbed pages regarding your profile.  You can edit all the things in this profile including visibility.

  • Profile: Contains when you joined this profile and a brief About description you may provide.

  • My Wallet: Securely shows the last 4 digits of your credit card on file for recurring payments.  If you have more than one card on file it will show you which your Default Card.  You can remove this card from here as well.

  • My Subscriptions: Shows any payment options you've selected with recurring charges.  These will  each have Cancel Subscription option if you want to stop a payment plan.

  • My Orders: This page will show you any one-time purchases you've made.

  • My Addresses: This will show your home address and phone number for our records, assuming you have provided it.

  • My Account: Displays your account name, first name, last name, email address and phone number.

  • Notifications: Notifications will notify you if members have sent you or the community messages.

  • Settings: Options for being notified by multiple events.


How do Payment Options Work in the Online Payment page?

  • Budo Dojo Monthly Payments:  When you click on the Budo Dojo Monthly Payments option you will be taken to a dedicated page for this selection with a few options.

    • Quantity:  Generally, this should be “1” if you’re setting up your monthly membership.  You might select “2” or more if you choose to set up payment for multiple family members and get charged for all family members as a single charge.  So, for example, If you’re setting up a recurring dojo membership for you and your wife you could select “2” and be charged ($95 x 2) $190 a month as a single charge.

    • Price Options:  Currently there is only one Price Option.  You still must select the radio button even though there’s only one.  If you forget you will be prompted.  😉

    • Subscribe Now:  Once you’ve selected Quantity and the membership radio-button click the Subscribe Now button to proceed to Checkout.  If you want to select other payment options in addition to this you can select Continue Shopping to see more purchase options.  Or you can complete the payment options and click on Place Order to complete your purchase.


Annual ASU Membership :: Whitebelt or Blackbelt

These options allows us to pay our annual ASU Membership, with whitebelt or blackbelt membership.  Budo Dojo members are required to be members of ASU (Aikido Schools of Ueshiba) (unless you are a continuing member of another aikido association).  This affiliates each of us with ASU, under the leadership of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, and allows our testing, certification and accreditation.  Without this membership you cannot hold rank.


  • Annual Mudansha (whitebelts / All ranks below blackbelt) membership is currently $50.

  • Annual Yudansha (blackbelt / All ranks of blackbet) membership is currently $75.


ASU membership is due annually, at the beginning of each calendar year.  You may be reminded by your instructor when ASU dues must be submitted in the following year.  It's important to not let your ASU membership lapse.


  • If you are paying this fee in the beginning of the calendar year (January) you may choose the Annual option to ensure your annual payments are submitted automatically and your membeship does not expire.  Alternatively, you may also choose One-time purchase if you prefer, but you would need to remember to manually make this payment every January as long as you’re a member.

  • If you’re paying this fee mid-year you should choose the One-Time Purchase option.  This would allow you to set up the annual payment, the following year, in January.

  • New members joining after the end of July must still pay the annual ASU membership, however, the payment will be credited to the following calendar year.

  • Remember, any memberships (automatically recurring payments) may be cancelled at any time by logging into your profile, selecting the My Subscriptions tab and selecting the Cancel Subscription option.  The Cancel option opts you out of future payments, not payments already made.


Drop-In Mat Fee

The Drop-In Mat Fee is for aikido students visiting from other dojos who would like to train for one or more classes during their visit. 


This option is not intended as an alternative to dojo membership for continuing students planning to train infrequently.  Drop-In mat fees are not intended to cover the costs of dojo membership.  Students who want to train with us regularly, as dojo members are expected to subscribe to the regular Budo Dojo Monthly Payments.  The Drop-In Mat Fee is simply a curtesy for visitors not an alternative for regular members.


If you are visiting for a single class, select Quantity 1 and then [Buy Now]. If you plan to train in several classes during your visit, you can choose a Quantity for any number of classes you’d like to attend.  Then select the [Buy Now] button.  The [Add to Cart] button will add this purchase to the Shopping Cart, however, more than likely you’re done with your purchases, and you’ll just want to choose [Buy Now] and proceed to Checkout.


Pay for Previous Months

As we were reopening our dojo, it took several months to build the On-Line Payment page.  Students didn’t have a convenient way to set up their monthly membership payments so their monthly dues may have been deferred for a few months as a curtesy.  Students can now pay for past, unpaid, months by choosing this option to bring their Monthly dojo current.


You can choose the Quantity for the number of past months you’d like to pay, and select the One-time purchase $95, and then [Buy Now] to pay $95 x Quantity, all at once.


Alternatively, we offer options for students to choose to spread out past payments over several months.


Other possible option examples…

  • If you select Quantity 1 and Past Monthly Dues (x4) (for example), you will be charged $95 / month for 4 months.

  • If you were to select Quantity 2 and Past Monthly Dues (x2) (for example), your payment plan would still cover 4 months but you would be charged ($95 x 2) $190 over 2 months.

  • If you owed for 6 months you could choose a one-time option to pay inifull, immediately, or pay $95 / month for the next 6 months, or 2 payments a month for 3 months, or 3 payments a month for 2 months.


Hopefully these alternative past-payment options make sense to everyone and you find the options useful and convenient.  If you’re still confused, please reach out to us for clarification.


Budo Dojo Donations:

Re-Opening a dojo and starting all over again, from scratch, especially during the COVID pandemic is expensive and financially challenging.  As we are struggling to get students back into the dojo… at the same time we’re incurring many start-up costs.   If you’d like to help us meet our goals as we’re getting back on our feet donations are humbly and gratefully accepted.


Much like the Pay for Previous Months option… you have several payment options to choose from.


  • You could simply pick any quantity of $25 donations, choose One-Time purchase, and [Buy Now] to make a one-time donation of Quantity x $25.

  • ...Or you can combine any quantity over any number of months, up to 6 months.


Thank you for considering a donation to Budo Dojo.


Things to expect during your payment experience

  • When you select a one-time purchase option (radio button) you are provided with an [Add to Cart] button, your Shopping Cart is incremented for every one-time item in the cart, and you are prompted to View Cart before Checkout

    • The Shopping Cart page has a Checkout button to go to final checkout. 

    • If you select the [Buy Now] button it will bypass the Shopping Cart and take you directly to checkout.

  • When you select a Subscription membership (Recurring Payment) you are provided with a [Subscribe Now] button and you will be taken directly to the Checkout page rather than the shopping cart. 

  • Because one-time options use the shopping cart and membership subscriptions do not use the shopping cart, you may be required to make 2 separate purchases if you are making a membership payment and a one-time payment or another membership payment.  For example, once for the Budo Dojo Monthly Payments, then Checkout… and then once for Annual ASU Membership… then Checkout.  Again, this is because memberships don't use a shopping cart to hold multiple purchases.

  • Memberships show up in your Login Profile under the My Subscriptions tab.  If you ever need to cancel a membership you will find the Cancel Subscription option there.

  • One-time orders do not recur so there is no cancel option.  You will find your one-time orders in your Profile under the My Orders tab.


Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions send us an email message on the Contact Us menu option or call or text us at the phone number on the Contact Us page.

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