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Fees & Policies

Budo Dojo Monthly Membership Dues: 

  • $95/month: Setup as monthly recurring payment.

    • Includes unlimited scheduled class training, including Saturday morning weapons class where we practice Bokken (wooden sword), Jo (wooden staff), and Tanto (wooden knife) techniques

Need help with how to use this payment page?  Visit our Payment Page FAQ!

Or... download this Payment Page FAQ in PDF format.

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Annual ASU Dues:

  • ​$50/Yr (Annual):    Mudansh (White Belts and Beginners)

  • $75/Yr  (Annual):    Yudansha (Black Belts)


Budo Dojo is a proud member of ASU (Aikido Schools of Ueshiba), under Mitsugi Saotome Sensei.  Student membership with ASU is required for testing and earning rank as our testing and certification is accredited through ASU.

Register your monthly Budo Dojo Monthly Membership and Annual ASU Membership with the links below.  

Other payment options available to you here include;

  • Pay for one or more Visitor Mat fee of $15 per class.

  • Pay for Past Months Dues to bring your membership up to date if your membership has fallen behind.

  • Pledge a Gift to Budo Dojo with the Budo Dojo Donation option to help defer our overhead and start-up expenses during this challenging time of re-starting the new dojo, from scratch, during this pandemic.

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