Registration Fee / Annual Dues:

Annual ASU Dues: $45/ year.   If paid after July 1st it's $40.   All dojo members pay annual dues of $45 in January ($75 for yudansha).  Annual ASU due are required for testing.


Payment of Monthly Dues:

All new students pay monthly dues through our auto-payment plan.  Monthly dues will be scheduled for payment on the 28th of prior month. Please fill out and turn in an auto-payment form to register as a student with Budo Dojo.   New students starting mid-month pay a pro-rate of the remaining part of the current month by cash or check.


Testing Fees:

All mudansha (non-black belt) tests cost $65 to be paid prior to testing.


Cancellation Policy:

There is a minimum 2-week cancellation or hold policy.  All payment cancellations or holds must be requested at least 2 weeks before the end of the month to take effect for the following month. 

Fees & Policy

  • Adult Dues:  $95/month – Unlimited training with Weapons work included 

  • Teenagers/Students:  $85/month – Unlimited training with Weapons work included

  • Kids Dues:  $65/month for two classes per week (ages 7-12)

  • Drop-In or Mat Fee:  $15 for visitors wishing to train for a single class.

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