Chinkon Kishin

Chinkon Kishin Shinto Elements in a Modern Warm-up Chin Kon Ki Shin: "A practice intended to aid one in joining with the universal spirit and to help one understand the devine mission that is one's life goal to fulfill." - From the glossary of... The Principles of Aikido by Mitsugi Saotome Chinkon is defined as... to settle down and calm the spirit ; Kishin is defined as... returning to the divine or kami, which refers to achieving a profound contemplative state where one is grounded to the divine universe. Chinkon and kishin are generally practiced together where the first part, chinkon, involves revitalization of the senses and the gathering of spirit, while the second part, kishin, involv

The Five Spirits of Budo

The Five Spirits of Budo Shoshin: (初心) Beginners Mind Zanshin: (残心) Lingering Mind Mushin: (無心) No Mind Fudoshin: (不動心) Immovable Mind Senshin: (先心) Purified spirit; enlightened attitude There are 5 fundamental minds or spirits of budo; shoshin, zanshin, mushin, and fudoshin, and senshin. These very old concepts are largely ignored in the modern aikido dojo. The budoka who takes the time to understand the lessons of these 5 spirits in his heart will mature to become a strong and competent martial artist and human being. The student who does not take the time to know and embrace these spirits will always be lacking in his training. Shoshin The state of shoshin is that of a beginners mind. It

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